"Guild Conquest ーTiamatー"
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Guild Conquest Event
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End Date:


Previous Event: "Free-For-All Love Match: Battle Dating!"
Next Event: "The Hina Doll Squad"

Event Rules:

1. Search and find Boss

-Only Guild and Vice Leader can find Boss through the Search button on the guild activity page.

2. Quickly defeat the Boss before it escapes!

-Once Boss appears, all guild members can challenge immediately.

-Boss will escape after exceeding a certain time period. Waste no time in defeating the Boss!

-Boss level will not decrease after it escaped.

3. Conquest Reward and Level Change

-Whenever each level of Boss is defeated, all guild members will receive a Conquest Reward!

-Each player can only receive the Conquest Reward once for each level. The reward cannot be received repeatedly!

-Once Boss is defeated, Boss will reappear with a higher level the next time (Maximum Level 50).

4. Event Team and Spirit Essence Consumed

-Teams will be automatically generated with a limit of ten daemons. The leader will be the helper daemon in your avatar.

-The team’s ATK and HP will be the total ATK and HP of all the daemons.

-In guild conquest, all bonds and passive will not be activated.

-Battles consume spirit essence, which is calculated based on the total rarity of daemons in your team (1 star = 1 spirit essence).

-With the exception of the leader and based on the availability of your spirit essence, the daemons selected for your team will be arranged in terms of ATK/10+HP from highest to lowest.

5. Ranking

-The event will have guild ranking and internal guild ranking.

-Guild ranking will be determined by all guild members' total DMG Points.

-Internal guild ranking will be according to individual’s DMG Points.

6. Reward dropped with final kill

-When the Boss is defeated,all members who have participated in killing the current level Boss will receive a daemon, magatama or other rewards.

-The higher the Boss level, the better Rewards drops.

-Skill kill or drop rate increased ability has no effect on the drop rate of event reward.

-The event daemons will not be dropped if any of the defeated Boss level have yet to reach the corresponding level as the listed daemon.

7. Team Battle!

-All guild members participate! Fight alongside your comrades to defeat Boss!

8. Ways to Obtain Event Daemon

- Tiamat [Dragon Form] (☆5): Level 30, 50 reward; chance to drop after level 30; 1 million, 2 million, 3 million individual total DMG reward.

Drop from Boss

Free Summon
Rayne ShowerMizuchiGoblonaraGoblernaKomodo DragonFire MouseNereid ProtoWilly WispNight TricksterPipe FoxIbaraki DojiYashichiZashiki BokkoPeony the NinjaLady ChachaNickel ElfGennyoHelium ElfLü LingqiOkita SojiButterfly KnifeShurikenMummy's BandageTakemitsuDiamond CutterSlingshotAka "Red" ChochinKukriTonfaKintaro's AxeMuramasa
Tiamat Dragon Form
Tiamat [Dragon Form] is only obtainable from random drop after beating the level 30 for acquisition of the first copy.
Fortune-telling MemoryImpish MemoryUniversal MemoryPriestly MemoryDemonic MemoryFamous Knight's MemoryMysterious MemoryDestructive MemoryTender MemoryShogun's MemoryFiendish MemoryHoly Sword MemoryTyrannical MemoryDemon King's MemoryWar God's Memory
Soulstone Ticket
Soulstone Ticket MinorSoulstone Ticket MiddlingSoulstone Ticket ModerateSoulstone Ticket MajorSoulstone Ticket Max
Spirit TonicSpirit DosePerk-Up PotionInvokerRevive Charm

Conquest Daemon Rewards

Event Rewards
Reward Detail Conquest
Tiamat Dragon Form
Tiamat [Dragon Form]
Lvl 30, 50.

Conquest Item Rewards

Event Rewards
Pic Item Level Acquired
Fortune-telling Memory Fortune-telling Memory
x1, x2
Lv. 1, 6
Impish Memory Impish Memory
x1, x2
Lv. 2, 7
Universal Memory Universal Memory
x1, x2
Lv. 3, 8
Soulstone Ticket Minor Soulstone Ticket: Minor
x1, x2
Lv. 4, 9
Perk-Up Potion Perk-Up Potion
x1, x2, x3, x4
Lv. 5, 15, 25, 35
Mochi Mochi
x1, x2, x4
Lv. 10, 20, 40
Mysterious Memory Mysterious Memory
x1, x2
Lv. 21, 26
Destructive Memory Destructive Memory
x1, x2
Lv. 22, 27
Tender Memory Tender Memory
x1, x2
Lv. 23, 28
Soulstone Ticket Moderate Soulstone Ticket: Moderate
x1, x2
Lv. 24, 29
Shogun's Memory Shogun's Memory
x1, x2, x3
Lv. 31, 36, 41
Fiendish Memory Fiendish Memory
x1, x2, x3
Lv. 32, 37, 42
Holy Sword Memory Holy Sword Memory
x1, x2, x3
Lv. 33, 38, 43
Soulstone Ticket Major Soulstone Ticket: Major
x1, x2, x3
Lv. 34, 39, 44
Invoker Invoker
Lv. 45
Tyrannical Memory Tyrannical Memory
Lv. 46
Demon King's Memory Demon King's Memory
Lv. 47
War God's Memory War God's Memory
Lv. 48
Soulstone Ticket Max Soulstone Ticket: Max
Lv. 49


Boss Data