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Phantasmaicon Avnas
"Spread some rumors, ruin some lives... What better way to keep the peace?"
StarStarStarStar Ranged
Attackicon (min/max): 2665/8000
Defensiveicon (min/max): 1900/5700
Limit Break TextAttackicon/Defensiveicon: 9808/6988
Skillicon Angel of Deceit
Deals 4786/5866 DMG to 1 random enemy, with a very high chance of inflicting Silence. (MAX/MLB)
Abilityicon Fallen Angel (Lv. 73)
All melee foes take 10% more DMG at the start of each wave.
Voice Actor:
Mika Fukuo (福尾美佳)
Kiya Machi (木屋町)
The spirit of a demon with powers of deception, betrayal and general evil. Her mouth is her greatest weapon. She spreads seeds of doubt in the minds of her foes, causing them to spiral into deep paranoia. Then it's only a matter of time until they're finished. Rumors say that back when she was an angel she sought to peacefully resolve any and all disagreements... though, really, you shouldn't listen to rumors.
How to Acquire:
"Chopping Trees? Stop, Please!"
Notes & Trivia:
  • Increases the total Event Points by 33% during the "Chopping Trees? Stop, Please!" event.
  • The effect increases with the number of limit breaks.
    (33% → 49.75% → 66.5% → 83.25% → 100%)
  • Summon rate increased until 22/03/17- 12/04/17
Main: "Spread some rumors, ruin some lives... What better way to keep the peace?" Play
Skill: "Does anyone really love you?" Play
Summon: "I am a messenger of peace! ...A demonic one, sure, but what's the big deal?" Play
Limit Break: "I bring peace to all!" Play