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Date Type Name Description
White Hare of Inaba Log in Banner 11/27/15-12/04/15 Misc. Hare of Inaba Redraw! 5 Drawings will be selected and the two most liked will receive an Official Poster.


Date Type Name Description
Outbreak! A Day of Battle in Shinjuku! Banner 07/21/16-08/07/16 Raid "Outbreak! A Day of Battle in Shinjuku!" Someone has witnessed Mikhael appearing in the streets of Tokyo! Quickly defeat Mikhael and investigate this event!
"Is this Destiny? -Orochi on the Counterattack-" Banner 08/24/16-09/07/16 Raid "Is this Destiny? -Orochi on the Counterattack-"

Yokosuka had suddenly gotten swamped with a lot of evil energy. The culprit is Yamata-no-Orochi! This is where you come in, spirit agents! Put a stop to Orochi's plan and get everything in Yokosuka under control!

Jewels and The Secret Workshop Banner
Special Story "Jewels and The Secret Workshop"

An outbreak of evil energy made people obsessed with jewels, so Sola and our hero set out for the sewers to settle things before they get out of hand. But what's a laboratory doing in the middle of the sewers? And who is this "Hermes" everyone's talking about? Dear Spirit Agents, let's reveal the mystery of "Hermes"!

Meiji Monster on a Rampage Banner
Raid "Meiji Monster on a Rampage"

While investigating, our hero and Sola run into an army of rampaging monsters. They call themselves “Perry” and seem bent on destroying Kyoto. What will happen to the ancient capital of Japan?! Attention all spirit agents! Stop Perry's invasion of Kyoto and cleanse the city of all evil energy!

Thanksgiving Day Beatdown Banner
Special Story "Thanksgiving Day Beatdown"

Around this time every year the Bureau of the Occult celebrates Thanksgiving Day. However, this year Mikado had the idea to celebrate with a fighting tournament! Who will survive the fierce battle among spirits to be the last one standing? Go and fight! This is the chance to show how strong you are!

12/16/2016-12/31/2016 Misc. "Confession of your favorite daemon"

Write a paragraph to confess to your daemon or content relating to the game, attach a photo of the daemon, and post it on your Facebook or twitter home page.


Date Type Name Description
Shadow over Christmas Banner
Special Story "Shadow over Christmas"

Christmas, when children and spirits alike eagerly await their presents from Santa. But amidst it all, a lone evil deity is filled with sadness. Her precious gift has been stolen away from her. Sola and company embark on a journey to look for this present thief, all the while attempting to pacify this volatile destruction deity.

A New Year's Tale of Laziness Banner
Raid "A New Year's Tale of Laziness"

People are preparing to celebrate Chinese New Year, when suddenly the town is attacked by evil energy that makes the inhabitants feel listless and lazy. Fortunately, the effect of this evil energy has been contained by a certain spirit who happened to be there. Solve this case and save Chinese New Year as quickly as you can!

The Spirits' Doll Festival Banner
Special Story "The Spirits' Doll Festival"

This year, the Bureau of the Occult is sponsoring the festivities for the spirit world! But the guests of honor, imperial couple Ohina and Odairi, are having a quarrel with each other, and things are starting to get ugly. Will the Doll Festival be doomed before it has even begun? Reconcile Ohina and Odairi and avert disaster for the Doll Festival!

Chopping Trees? Stop, Please! Banner
29/03/17 – 12/04/17
Raid "Chopping Trees? Stop, Please!"

Pink petals dance in the wind, fluttering between buildings. It's cherry blossom season in Tokyo. But something's amiss... There are reports of a strange phenomenon: cherry blossom trees are toppling as if someone is cutting them down. This is no laughing matter! At this rate not a single cherry blossom tree will be left by summer! The Bureau of the Occult determined it to be the work of a spirit. Hurry, find whoever is behind this and stop them! Do it for the trees, and for all the cherry blossom admirers out there!

Spirit Idol Competition Banner
26/04/17 – 10/05/17
Special Story "Spirit Idol Competition"

One day, a very unusual message was delivered to the Bureau of the Occult. It was a request for help with a music performance. But why would anyone ask for help from the Bureau of the Occult, of all places? With questions running through her head, Sola arrived at the venue, only to find a gathering of the most famous spirit idols. The more fans a spirit idol has, the more powerful they become. Each spirit was fighting to prove they were the best idol of all, determined by their performance and the response of their fans. It was called the "Spirit Idol Competition." Sola and her friends were called to this event to offer their support to the idols! From an ancient dancer to a group of elves to the greatest pop star in Hell, all sorts of idols were gathered together under one roof!

Romance of the Demon and Sword Banner
24/05/2017 – 07/06/2017
Raid "Romance of the Demon and Sword"

Unidentified Demon Sighting! A message sends ripples throughout the Bureau of the Occult. A demon is appearing here, there, and all over the city, muttering curses under its breath as it roams the streets. Our heroes are hurriedly dispatched from the Bureau of the Occult. Dubbed a "top secret" mission, they leave with little to go on. Later they would be joined by Yasutuna, who offered to help as you grappled with hidden feelings of her own. Who or what could this mysterious "Noddy" be...?

Coastal Calamity Tanabata Beach Contest Banner
21/06/17 – 05/07/17
Special Story "Coastal Calamity - Tanabata Beach Contest"

It was a golden, sun-drenched summer's day. Participants eagerly await their chance at fame and adoration in the annual beach contest, the champion winning the prize of having any one wish granted. Such a grand prize is naturally the talk of the spirit world, attracting such entrants as Kintaro of the Four Heavenly Kings of Raiko, Urashima Taro and Princess Oto of the Dragon Palace folktale, and Altair Aquila and Vega Lyra of the Tanabata Festival legend. Sola, with her solemn wish, Kintaro, on a quest for adulation, and Altair, craving intimacy with someone close to him... Each arrives with their own deep-seated desires for the hotly anticipated beach contest! What will it take for them to make their dreams come true!?

The Great Fireworks Showdown Banner
21/06/17 – 05/07/17
Raid "The Great Fireworks Showdown"

Every summer, fireworks festivals fill the night sky with bright bursts of color. But humans aren't the only ones who enjoy a nice fireworks display—spirits do, too! The strength of their spirit essence enables them to launch specially made fireworks into the skies,and the one who launches the most is declared the winner in an explosive battle of beauty. It's a fireworks festival made by the spirits, for the spirits! And it's called the "The Great Fireworks Showdown"! Attendees can dash around launching as many fireworks as they please... Or, if they choose, they can simply appreciate it all from afar. It's time for this exciting festival to begin, in all it's flying freedom and burning brilliance! So pour all your spirit essence into the festival and fill the night sky with fire,and join spirits like Joan of Arc, a lifelong fan of Japanese fireworks,the reckless spirit Rocket Fireworks,and two Firework Artisans who create specialized explosives!

Ghost in the Mirror Banner
23/08/17 – 06/09/17
Special Story "Ghost in the Mirror"

It's already been a year since you and Sola met and began working at the Bureau of the Occult.So it seems fitting to celebrate the one-year anniversary of that fateful day. All the spirits with whom you've been through so much and formed such powerful bonds.They, along with all your other colleagues at the Bureau of the Occult, come together to plan a joyous event.However, you are suddenly sucked into another world after a woman hands you a strange box.It's a world you've never seen the likes of before.And perhaps a world that you and Sola always secretly hoped for. Now comes a test of both your pride as spirit agents, and the strength of your bonds with other spirits. Here begins the story of the one-year anniversary of the arrival of a new spirit agent.

Get Ready! The October Sports Meet at the Tokyo Blue Cemetery! Banner
27/09/17 – 11/10/17
Raid "Get Ready! The October Sports Meet at the Tokyo Blue Cemetery!"

For one day in October...All the gods of Japan gather in Izumo. Why? The annual sports meet, of course! However, due to extenuating circumstances, this year it was relocated to a cemetery in Tokyo. And since it's open to everyone, members of the Bureau of the Occult decided to join, too! Hoping to win the grand prize, everyone from the giants to the Knights of the Round Table have shown up, and the cemetery's in a frenzy! The whole thing is organized by a man known as Danjuro. He strives to be impartial in order to ensure a fun, fair competition for all, but squabbles and misguided maneuverings pop up nonetheless! Who will ultimately get the upper hand in this wild, crazy, topsy-turvy competition!? Let the games begin, at the October Sports Meet!

Guild Conquest ーRyumakuー Banner
13/10/17 – 20/10/17
Guild Conquest "Guild Conquest ーRyumakuー"
Halloween Gets Real Banner
25/10/17 – 08/11/17
Special Story "Halloween Gets Real"

Real monsters are in town! Sola and her friends were looking forward to having a nice Halloween party. Each prepared a costume and everything else they might need to have a good time. But then, real live zombies started to appear on the streets of Shinjuku! Where did these zombies come from? And what will happen to Shinjuku now that they're here!? Graves are opening for this strange (and slightly complicated?) Halloween for the spirits!

Guild Conquest ーFafnirー Banner
10/11/17 – 16/11/17
Guild Conquest "Guild Conquest ーFafnirー"
Holidays From Hell Banner
22/11/17 – 06/12/17
Raid "Holidays From Hell"

All the spirits were waiting in gleeful anticipation of Christmas. When suddenly huge forces of mysterious robo-maids started appearing all over the city. The Bureau of the Occult leaps into action to deal with the robo-maids as they rampage around in search of "requests" to carry out. Your job is to keep the city safe as Christmas draws closer. And make sure all the gifts are delivered to their rightful recipients! This year's presents are coming straight from the flames of Hell! Get ready for a Christmas Eve like none other!

Guild Conquest ーGreen Dragon Crescentー Banner
08/12/17 – 15/12/17
Guild Conquest "Guild Conquest ーGreen Dragon Crescentー"
Farewell Rooster, Hello Year of the Dog Banner
27/12/17 – 10/01/18
Special Story "Farewell Rooster, Hello Year of the Dog"

Out with the old, in with the new. An end to one year, a beginning to the next. As is custom every year, a celebration of times past and times to come is here. The goddess Amaterasu awakes from her hibernation to beckon her spirit kin to welcome the new year. A ceremony to beckon the sun to illuminate the world once more. And who better to lead the festivities than the sprightly newcomer—Orthrus. Fear not, A more steady spirit is also on hand to guide the young pup. Yata Garashi will undoubtedly muzzle any youthful impudence. So let us turn our attention to the most odd couple, and see if they can ring in the New Year's ceremony without fail.


Date Type Name Description
Guild Conquest ーDate Masamuneー Banner
12/01/18 – 19/01/18
Guild Conquest "Guild Conquest ーDate Masamuneー"
Free-For-All Love Match Battle Dating! Banner
24/01/18 – 07/02/18
Raid "Free-For-All Love Match: Battle Dating!"

It's almost time for the sweetest of all seasons. As Valentines's Day draws near, warriors in search of love head to Tokyo. Not your average speed dating, nor for a special date night out on the town, but for Battle Dating. Battle Dating is an opportunity for love to blossom even in the harshest of environments. A cast of powerful and ever-so-slightly eccentric fighters come together to sweep evil brutes off their feetーand into their graves. The goddess of war, Durga... The magnificently bearded general, Guan Yu... The cursed sword, Dáinsleif... And, of course, the captivating, Chocolat sisters. What fates will befall them in love and war?

Guild Conquest ーTiamatー Banner
14/02/18 – 21/02/18
Guild Conquest "Guild Conquest ーTiamatー"
The Hina Doll Squad Event Banner
27/12/17 – 10/01/18
Special Story "The Hina Doll Squad"

It begins on Peach Blossom Day, also known as Hina Matsuri. The evil Blackmark Gang appears out of nowhere to wreak havoc in peaceful Japan! But there's nothing to be afraid of... For there are five heroes who will keep everyone safe! They are...the Hina Doll Squad! With their powers combined, they can thwart the evil ambitions of the Blackmark Gang! Fight on, Hina Dolls! Protect us all! Go, Hina Dolls! Don't let the bad guys win!

Guild Conquest ーBelle Bonshoー Banner
09/03/18 – 16/03/18
Guild Conquest "Guild Conquest ーBelle Bonshoー"
There's Something About Honnoji The Q Incident Banner
21/03/18 – 04/04/18
Raid "There's Something About Honnoji: The Q Incident"
Guild Conquest ーHuanglongー Banner
06/04/18 – 13/04/18
Guild Conquest "Guild Conquest ーHuanglongー"
Five Blades, One Thief Banner
25/04/18 – 09/05/18
Special Story "Five Blades, One Thief"
Guild Conquest ーKadaー Banner
11/05/18 – 18/05/18
Guild Conquest "Guild Conquest ーKadaー"
Once Upon a Root... Banner
23/05/18 – 06/06/18
Raid "Once Upon a Root..."

Greetings dearest Spirit Agents! The world of fairy tales that both adults and children ar fond of is the beacon of light that brightens the peoples' hope and dreams of tomorrow However, there are those who are envious Who would strike at the moment when the children are nearest to the fairy tale The person is determined and has begun to act, polluting different fairy tales and stealing Hope away, It was a critical blow to the once beautiful world The characters in fairy tales, how will they react to such a crisis...?

Guild Conquest ーAmbergrisー Banner
15/06/18 – 22/06/18
Guild Conquest "Guild Conquest ーAmbergrisー"
To the Source of the Milky Way Banner
27/06/18 – 11/07/18
Special Story "To the Source of the Milky Way"
Guild Conquest ーArthur Pendragonー Banner
13/07/18 – 20/07/18
Guild Conquest "Guild Conquest ーArthur Pendragonー"
The Great Feudal Music Festival Banner
25/07/18 – 08/08/18
Raid "The Great Feudal Music Festival"

Sun shining... People chatting... Sweat pouring... And music ringing out through the air! It's the big event of the summer, a festival put on by Yoritomo Minamoto as his gift to all the music lovers out there. Spirits from across the ages gather in the ancient capital of Kamakura... But Siren, he headline performer for the whole event, is looking strangley sad, and no one knows why. Turmoil soon envelops the summer's biggest music festival... It's a clash behind heard and mind, featuring the hottest musicians!

Guild Conquest ーTee Rexー Banner
10/08/18 - 17/08/18
Guild Conquest "Guild Conquest ーTee Rexー"
Incident of the Surprise Assault at the Sakuma Mansion Banner
22/08/18 - 05/09/18
Special Story "Incident of the Surprise Assault at the Sakuma Mansion"
The Plan for the Crusade Against Tosho Daigongen Banner
07/09/18 - 21/09/18
Special Story "The Plan for the Crusade Against Tosho Daigongen"
A Visitor from the Outer Space Banner
26/09/18 - 10/10/18
Raid "A Visitor from the Outer Space"
Guild Conquest ーCintamaniー Banner
12/10/18 - 19/10/18
Guild Conquest "Guild Conquest ーCintamaniー"
Record of the Spirit Halloween Banner
24/10/18 - 07/11/18
Special Story "Record of the Spirit Halloween"
Guild Conquest ーStella Libraー Banner
09/11/18 - 16/11/18
Guild Conquest "Guild Conquest ーStella: Libraー"
Maze of Red Leaves Banner
21/11/18 - 05/12/18
Raid "Maze of Red Leaves"
Guild Conquest ーStella Aquilaー Banner
07/12/18 - 14/12/18
Guild Conquest "Guild Conquest ーStella: Aquilaー"
Two Santas Banner
12/24/18 - 1/7/19
Special Story "Two Santas"


Date Type Name Description
Guild Conquest ーStella Aquariusー Banner
1/11/19 - 1/18/19
Guild Conquest "Guild Conquest ーStella: Aquariusー"
New Year Spirit Battle Marathon Banner
30/01/19 - 13/02/2019
Raid "New Year Spirit Battle Marathon" Per the decision of the Bureau of Occult Director Mikado, a Battle Marathon is to be held, much to the surprise of everyone.

Drawn to the promise of lavish rewards, countless spirits and powerful entities have rushed to sign up for the event.
Given the circumstances, you and Sola have decided to team up and participate in the event.However, an unexpected turn of events will soon take place...
Will the two of you be able to come out on top and win the event?

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