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Cintamani (Sanskrit; Devanagari: चिन्तामणि), also spelled as Chintamani (or the Chintamani Stone), is a jewel said to fulfill wishes mentioned in both Hinduism and Buddhism, likened to the Philosopher's Stone in the west.

In Buddhism, it was said to be one of four relics that came from a chest that fell from the sky during the reign of King Lha Thothori Nyantsen, who kept the four in a position of reverence. Years later, two mysterious strangers appeared in the king's court, explaining that the relics were the bringers of the Dharma to Tibet.

In Hinduism, it's connected to Vishnu, the God of Protection, and Ganesha, the Goddess of New Beginnings. It was either a jewel in possession of the Naga king or as on the forehead of the Makara. It was said that the owner of the jewel would be granted prosperity.

Source : Wikipedia