Hare of Inaba Kiyamachi Preview
The beloved Hare of Inaba (Artist: Kiya Machi 木屋町), will be with us in the new game again!!

Here comes the conquest: Redrawing Hare of Inaba! The characer should look the same, but her pose or scene should be changed.

Please send your art to:

How to Play

  • This conquest ends at Dec 4th, 0:00 AM (GMT). We will select 5 of your arts, and add them to our photo album.
  • Though 5 were going to be initially selected, the team decided to choose 10 of the given Arwork. Voting will end on Dec 11th.
  • The most 2 liked will get 1 limited official poster of Hare of Inaba!

Chosen Artwork

Winning Artwork

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Vote Here