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Hijiri Sakuma
Hijiri Sakuma Preview
Kanji 佐久间 圣
Height --
Weight --
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Spirit Agent
First Appearance Chapter 1 section 3 story 3.3; Cleansing
Voice Actor:
Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
Hihara You

One of the most distinguished spirit agents in the country.


Hijiri is a young man with medium-length, spiky blue-shaded hair, dark brown eyes and fair skin.

His attire includes a dark indigo uniform over a light brown collared shirt.

His uniform's jacket has red lining with bronze buttons that are colored to match the uniform. The left shoulder of the jacket also has an epaulette with a rope attached. The right shoulder has a shoulder ornament modeled after a charm.

His collared shirt has dark brown lining and buttons. The design of the collar looks like one from the Victorian Era.


Hijiri has a cold and stern personality. He never thinks about the emotions and feelings of the spirits that he hunts to cleanse.

Hijiri is arrogant as a result of his upbringing and prodigious talent. He usually fights brutes entirely on his own with Echo at his side. Hijiri also believes that all agents from the Bureau of Divination are weaklings and, through the Ministry of Defense, often pressures Mikado Tsuchimikado to disband the Bureau.

Later on, the player learns that:
Hijiri is capable of recognizing when he commits a wrongdoing, albeit based on his own beliefs, and he will not try to excuse what he did. Hijiri also values the lives of other spirit agents to a degree. After being cleansed of evil energy, he was stunned that he tried to kill spirit agents, referring to them (in particular, Sola's master) as "my fellow spirit agents" in English despite his animosity towards them.