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Phantasmaicon Light Pillar
Light Pillar
"I'm more than just your average natural phenomenon!"
StarStarStar Ranged
Attackicon (min/max): 1700/5100
Defensiveicon (min/max): 1365/4100
Limit Break TextAttackicon/Defensiveicon: 6253/5027
Skillicon Sun and Moon
Deals 671/851 DMG to 3 enemies (melee priority), with a moderate chance of inflicting stun. (MAX/MLB)
Abilityicon N/A (Lv. )
Abilityicon N/A (Lv. )
A spirit who has the ability to create light pillars. She can make them from any source of light, natural or artificial. In the past, she would call on her wellspring of spiritual power to create light pillars so strong they would light up the night sky bright red on almost a daily basis. However, as the millennia passed, her spiritual power began to run low, so she's had to be more careful with its use. Sometimes she breaks the rules and makes the odd light pillar here and there, but no one really knows why.
How to Acquire:
Notes & Trivia:
  • Summon rate increased until 8/2/17
Main: "I'm more than just your average natural phenomenon!" Play
Skill: "Grabbing power from sun AND moon! That's what I call maximum luminosity!" Play
Summon: "Light is nice. It's just so warm! Don't you agree?" Play
Limit Break: "I...I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!" Play