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The game revolves around playing through the game's storyline. The player is introduced as a rookie Spirit Agent, a person who has the ability to control spirits known as Daemons. Together with their daemons, the player is tasked with solving numerous incidents with supernatural causes.

Players must converse with members of the community as they progress through the Story Chapters. Most of the dialogue is voiced by Japanese Voice Actors, adding an extra element to the story. The player must also battle waves of monsters and other supernatural beings with their team of Daemons as they investigate the events occurring on the streets of Tokyo.

For more information about battles, see Battle Mechanics.

The player may collect daemons as they progress through the story, as well as through summoning and events. Numerous options are available for the player to enhance their daemons, and collect the necessary materials required to do so. Players can also join guilds for co-operative play during events. These options, plus more, are accessible through the game's menu.

Navigation: Menu Options


At the top of the screen, you will see your first team's Leader and an info bar with your Username, Level, EXP, Spirit Essence, Soulstones, and Jewels. More detailed info can be seen by tapping the info bar.
Home page.png
By default, the game displays the Home page after launching. Sola occupies the top half of the home screen, and will periodically talk to the player. Tapping her image also makes her talk. The bottom half of the screen is occupied by event banners.


From here, you can proceed to the Story, which involves alternating dialogue and battle stages. Every chapter introduces a new Daemon, which is battled several times throughout the chapter. The Daemon can be obtained once the chapter is cleared, and will also be added to the Jewel Summon pool.

For more information, see Category:Story.

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The Enhance screen allows you to level up your Daemons by using Daemons or Magatamas for experience. Tapping the largest card at the top will allow you to choose which Daemon you want to level up, while tapping the smaller cards will allow you to choose up to ten Daemons/Magatama to be fused. Based on the number and type of fusion material, fusing will occur a cost in crystals. On occasion, a "Big Success" enhance may occur, which results in double the expirence being obtained. Using the same Magatama type as Daemon (Anima, Divina, Phantasma) provides an experience bonus. If a Daemon is fused with a copy of itself, it will undergo a Limit Break. With each Limit Break, the maximum level of the Daemon increases by 5, allowing it to become more powerful. Up to 4 Limit Breaks can be performed.

Fusing page.png

Summon and Exchange

Outside of the storyline and events, Daemons can be obtained through summoning. The topmost row allows you to perform Free Summons. Each summon costs 10 Summon Points. If 20 or more summon points are available, a bulk summon can be performed. Up to 10 daemons can be summoned at a time with bulk summons.

The lower area features a large banner showcasing the daemons available in Jewel Summon. A full list of Daemons obtained in Jewel summon can be seen by tapping the text on the bottom right corner of the banner. On the left is an option to perform a single summon (300 Jewels), while a 10-pack bulk summon (2500 Jewels) is available on the right. If you have Invokers available, these will be used instead. Only a single summon can be performed at a time using Invokers.

A free Jewel summon is also available daily between 12:00 - 14:00.

From the summoning page, there is a second tab in the top right-hand corner that takes you to the daemon Exchange.

Summon page.png
Barter page.png


Events and daily dungeons can be accessed here.

For more information, see and Daily Events.

Event page.png



From here, you can organize and create your teams. Up to seven different teams can be created and reordered. Your first team's leader will be used as your icon and be available for other players to use as a Helper in battle.

Only one of each Daemon can be placed on each team. However, this rule does not apply to Helpers.

Team page.png


A view of all the daemons you have obtained in the game. Tapping on any Daemon will allow you to see the card artwork, description, minimum stats and current max level of the Daemon. Options to lock, sell and enhance the daemon as well as view the 3D model, animations and credits can also be accessed via the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

For more information, see Daemon Scroll.

Daemon Scroll page.png


A view of all of the daemons you currently own. A pop-up menu which gives access to options for selling daemons for crystals or expanding your daemon limit may be opened by tapping the arrow near the bottom right-hand corner.


Completing each of the achievements will allow you to claim rewards.
Achievements page.png


A view of all the items you currently have.

For more information, see Items and Etc.

Items page.png


Jewels can be bought here.

For more information, see Items and Etc.

Jewels page.png


There are three tabs on this page. The first is your friendlist. Tapping on a friend will show their progress in the storyline, daemon scroll completion rate, number of friends and time since they were last online. Underneath this is an option to remove the friend from your friend list. If the friend has joined a guild, their guild info will be displayed in the text box below.

The second tab allows you to view your friend requests. Friend requests can be accepted or rejected by tapping on the request.

The third tab allows you to search for a player by Username or ID number.

Friends page.png


All gifts are sent to the inbox. Up to 200 gifts can be stored at a time.
Inbox page.png


The first bar allows you to change your Username and see your User ID.

The second bar features sound options, where you can change the volume of the background music, sound effects and voices.

The third bar is the help bar, and clicking the message icon on the top right-hand corner allows you to message the game developers regarding bugs and feedback.

The fourth bar lets you download all game content onto your phone (possibly such that you don't have to download the stories as you progress?)

The fifth bar allows you to login to your Facebook account.

Settings page.png


If the player has not joined a guild, two tabs will be available. The first tab allows the player to create or join a guild. The second tab allows the player to search for a guild by name.
If the player has joined a guild, three tabs will then become available. The first tab shows the guild level, the guild announcement and a list of guild members. The second tab features an in-game guild chat. The third tab features the option to donate to the guild.

For more information, see Guilds.

Guild page after.png




News and notification from the staff can be seen here. Items can often be obtained from each news post as gifts or compensation.
Notifications page.png
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