Otogi Wiki General Rules

  • Do not vandalize or make bad edits to this wiki.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not advertise other card games anywhere other than your personal profile or message wall.
  • Do not start or continue drama on the wiki.
  • Do not harass other members. Jokes are okay.
  • Do not post anyone's identifying information without permission.
  • Do not edit other ghost agents' personal profiles or message wall greetings unless they give you permission to do so.
  • Do not create new article pages for guild advertisements. Post them in the forum or your personal profile.
  • Discuss off-topic or unrelated things only on the forums.

Creating a Daemon Page Rules

  • Anyone can create a new daemon page, but make sure the daemon exists in Otogi. Don't be sad if someone else created the page first.
  • Anyone can perform minor edits to daemon pages (e.g. correcting typos, spaces, highlights, and incorrect information)

Creating an Event Page

  • Each event (conquest, guild conquest, tower, etc) has its own color code. Follow the format from the previous event that has the same type.

Picture/File Upload Rules

  • Do not upload any file, photo or video if you are not using it in any way.
  • Do not upload duplicate images to the wikia.
  • We are not strict about whether you upload or use external images on this wikia, as long as you don't upload images that promote violence, gore, porn, etc.
    • Please also refrain from posting too many off-topic images.
  • Please name your picture/file properly. You can do this by clicking "More options" when uploading pictures. If you have named something incorrectly, please contact an administrator to change it.

Editing Rules and Guidelines

  • Be sure to thoroughly read an article before you edit it. The information you are about to add may already be there.
  • Do your best to have proper grammar and spelling when editing articles.
  • Do not add duplicate files to the articles.
  • Do not upload duplicate files. Check through all the photos to make sure it's there first.

Chat Rules and Guidelines

  • Do not spam. You will be kicked.
  • Do not harass other members.
  • Do not swear excessively.
  • Do not roleplay excessively.

Forum Rules and Guidelines

  • Do not spam.
  • Do not harass other users. This includes baiting and flaming. Offending posts and replies to offending posts will be removed. Warnings and bans will be issued as necessary.
  • Do not do excessive roleplaying.


  • Excessive vandalism will immediately result in an infinite ban.