2* My guildie summarised this from a baidu thread! (Source:

Note: The skills are according to level max and not limit break so damage and percentages will be higher if you lb!!!

座敖童子 (Zashiki Bokko)
Zashiki Bokko

max: atk 3500 hp 3250

lb: atk 4697 hp 4363

skill: for a certain amount of time one enemy (healing priority) will fall asleep

- her stats are quite decent among 2*s

- but sleeping enemies can be woken up after they are attacked

女忍者 (Peony the Ninja)
Peony the Ninja

max: atk 3800 hp 3150

lb: atk 5100 hp 4227

skill: cause 1573 dmg to any one enemy

- atk is high

- quite good, recommended (?)

Nickel Elf
精灵 (Nickel Elf)

max: atk 3300 hp 3400

lb: atk 4428 hp 4564

skill: for a certain amt of time one teammate's atk power increases by 40%

- a healer

Fire Mouse

火鼠 (Fire Mouse)

max: atk 3300 hp 3450

lb: atk 4428 hp 4629

skill: cause 1411 dmg to target

- he sucks

File:Chacha Wyld.png
浅井茶茶 (Chacha Wyld)

max: atk 3350 hp 3400

lb: atk 4496 hp 4564

skill: for a certain amount of time, damage of 2 teammates (melee priority) increases by 19%

- her buff skill is cool

- after releasing her skill you could release the skill of the melee cards and damage would be higher

Diamond Cutter

钻石切割器 (Diamond cutter) 

max: atk 400 hp 3000

lb: atk 5369 hp 4026

skill: damage of 944 to any two enemies

- after maxing her atk will be among the highest, but her hp is also one of the lowest

- but since she's ranged it won't be much of problem?

- "any two" is a bit dubious

- amount of damage is pretty decent

九天玄女 (Gennyo)

max: atk 4000 hp 3000

lb: atk 5369 hp 4026

skill: for a certain amount of time, the entire enemy defence decreases by 285

- the only 2* card that decreases the entire enemy defence

- atk high, hp low

Willy Wisp
鬼火 (Willy Wisp)

max: atk 3650 hp 3150

lb: atk 4899 hp 4227

skill: cause 590 damage to any one enemy, and decrease target's defence by 59% (79%!! if lb)

- atk is average 

- her decrease defence skill is pretty op tho

Proto the Nereid
海仙女 (Proto the Nereid) 

max:atk 4000 hp 3000

lb: atk 5369 hp 4026

Skill: cause 698 damage to three enemies with lowest hp

- atk high, hp low

- decent skill

弹弓 (Slingshot) 

max: atk 3900 hp 3000

lb: atk 5233 hp 4026

Skill: cause 1642 damage to enemy with highest hp

- highest atk, skill is great too

- offers the highest damage to one enemy

- but highest hp hahaha, it would be better if the boss was in the first row

Aka "Red" Chochin

红灯笼 (Aka "Red" Chochin)

max: atk 3400 hp 3300

lb: atk 4564 hp 4428

Skill: for a certain amount of time, entire team's damage increases by 10%

- healer card!!!

- stats aren't that great but her skill is decent-ish

廓尔喀弯刀 (Kukri) 

max: atk 2700 hp 3900

lb: atk 3623 hp 5233

Skill: cause 1396 dmg to target

- atk is super low, but hp is super high

- meat shield no doubt

- her atk is so sad even tho her skill is great

Helium Elf
精灵 (Helium Elf)

max: atk 3400 hp 3200

lb: atk 4564 hp 4295

Skill: for a certain time, damage towards 2 teammates with lowest hp decreases by 48%

- no use (for now)

- she sucks

Night Trickster
夜行妖 (Night Trickster)

max: atk 3600 hp 3300

lb: atk 4831 hp 4428

Skill: 1514 dmg to any one enemy

- decent stats

- might be useful but y'know

- somewhat less sucky but still sucks

旋棍 (Tonfa)

max: atk 2600 hp 3900

lb: atk 3490 hp 5233

skill: cause 1396 dmg to current target

- slightly higher hp but


- meat shield no doubt

Hope this covers what you would want to pick for a 2* team. (Credits again to my guildie neko/peanut-kun, + I didn't edit her comments) Let me know if there are any mistakes!! I might fix it up again for better formatting when I'm free.

3* (Source:

The skills here are according to lvl max and not lb! (Same as above) Also, I'm too lazy to type out the chinese names for those that I can't find the names to copy paste.


貂蝉 (Diaochan)

max: atk 4850 hp 4110

lb: atk 6170 hp 5228

skill: Deals 671 damage to the 2 enemies with the highest ATK. Target deal 69% less damage for a limited time.

- Meh stats, pretty good skill

Yoichi's Bow

Yoichi's Bow

max: atk 5000 hp 4000

lb: atk 6361 hp 5090

skill: Deals 3009 damage to the enemy with highest ATK.

- Good attack stat

- OK-ish skill, could be useful

切肉刀 (Cleaver)

max: atk 4200 hp 4290

lb: atk 5343 hp 5457

skill: Deals 2565 damage to current target.

- Kinda weak, meh skill

File:The Washer.png
小豆洗 (The Washer)

max: atk 4260 hp 4260

lb: atk 5419 hp 5419

skill: Increase damage dealt of the highest ATK ally by 54% for a limited time.

- OK when paired with other buffs, may even be OP

- But still not very impressive, probably not worth it

Tokarev Pistol

手枪托卡 (Tokarev Pistol)

max: atk 5400 hp 3840

lb: atk 6869 hp 4885

skill: Deals 3009 damage to an enemy (Healers first)

- High attack

- Decent skill

Lily Amaryllis

Lily Amaryllis

max: atk 5350 hp 3900

lb: atk 6807 hp 4961 skill:

Deals 2417 damage to current target with low chance of inflicting Weak Poison.

- High attack

- Meh skill

- Worth using if you don't have anything else

Red Hare

赤兔马 (Red Hare)

max: atk 4000 hp 4500

lb: atk 5090 hp 5724

skill: Deals 1184 damage to the row of enemies directly in front.

- Weak attack, weak HP, weak everything

- Weak skill too

Magic Mallet

圣人惠 (Magic Mallet)

max: atk 5100 hp 4000

lb: atk 6488 hp 5102

skill: Increase the crit rate of 2 allies by 32% (melee first) for a limited time.

- Hard to use, but worth it if you have good melee cards

- May die easily

Lü Lingqi

吕姬 (Lü Lingqi)

max: atk 3750 hp 4500

lb: atk 4770 hp 5724

skill: Recovers her own HP by 2861

- Meh stats, but her skill can greatly heal herself by more than half of her HP

- Could be pretty useful to tank

Azure Sword

青龙刀 (Azure Sword)

max: atk 3600 hp 4530

lb: atk 4580 hp 5763

skill: Deals 2565 damage to current target.

- Average to weak card


克鲁波克鲁 (Koropokkur)

max: atk 3600 hp 4560

lb: atk 4580 hp 5801

skill: Deals 2565 damage to current target.

- He has.....30 more HP than Azure sword

Hanzo's Uniform

半藏的忍者服 (Hanzo's Uniform)

max: atk 3900 hp 4410

lb: atk 4961 hp 5610

skill: Increases the crit rate by 54% of highest ATK ally for a limited time.

- Average stats, good skill

- Possibly worth it


格里芬 (Gryphon)

max: atk 4000 hp 4170

lb: atk 5090 hp 5305

skill: Deal 2437 damage to current target.

- Average to poor stats

- But he unlocks an ability at lvl 35 (10% increase to soulstones when completing dungeons/battles??)

Aya Waka

菖蒲若 (Aya Waka)

max: atk 5400 hp 3900

lb: atk 6869 hp 4961

skill: The 3 enemies with the highest ATK deal 84% less damage for a limited time.

- High attack

- Great skill

- Very extremely highly greatly recommended

Kintaro's Axe

金太郎的板斧 (Axe T. Grind)

max: atk 3000 hp 4800

lb: atk 3816 hp 6106

skill: Deals 1549 damage to surrounding enemies.

- Meh

Pipe Fox

管狐 (Pipe Fox)

max: atk 4500 hp 4200

lb:atk 5724 hp 5343

skill: Increase defense by 503 of all allies for a limited time.

- decent if you have a weak frontal attack team

that's all! there's a couple more that wasn't written (eg. starters...) End note: starters are the best 3*s.