Inspired by another daemon rating blog that I saw, I decided to make my own (and to one up it because competition is the only path in this world)

Daemon ratings will be broken down into several sections:

0 LB Rating: How the daemon fares on a team assuming no copies were fused into it.

MLB Rating: How the daemon fares on a team assuming it has attained max limit break.

Team Rating: How the daemon fares on a team comapred to other daemon with similar jobs

Final Rating: The average between the four, showing off a daemon's versitality.

**This rating system is subject to change as new daemon are released via summons or events**

**If you wish to argue the rating of a daemon please include a reasoning for it. Trolls will be eaten**



Max ATK / HP : 6500 / 9800

MLB ATK / HP: 7757 / 11694

Skill: Deal 3922 to the current target. Moderate chance of inflicting stun.


Beast Factor (39): Moderately increases crit rate.

Magical Beast Factor (78): Significantly increases critical damage.

Nue is quite the decent power house, boasting the highest HP of the current 5* pool and having one of the strongest single target abilities in game. Although her offensive prescence is indeed weak, her abilities do help add some much needed buffers to her damage.

0 LB Rating: 9/10. With a solid HP count and a great skill for whacking bosses, Nue certainly earns a spot on any team for taking on bosses. Her punches might not do too much, but her Beast Factor ability certainly can make up for it when she crits much more often than your other Melee daemon.

MLB Rating: 10/10. Getting Magical Beast Factor skyrockets Nue's single target damage. With Beast Factor boosting crit rate and Magical Beast factor boosting crit damage, you end up with having one destructive punching machine. Heaven forbid her skill crits because that will leave a giant dent in any boss.

Team Rating: 6/10. Nue is a powerful daemon overall, but does not find herself to be utterly required on a  team. Whilst very powerful, her buffs are all to herself and her teammates don't benefit much from her. While she indeed is a strong damage dealer with a high HP count, she can be interchanged out if one only requires a dedicated tank.

Final Rating: 8.3/10

Nue is quite the versatile daemon, being able to self sustain her own damage without needing too much careful thought in team building. Her ability to be easily slapped anywhere certainly ranks her high among her peers. However, she does lack any significant wave clear.


Max ATK / HP : 10500 / 8000

MLB ATK / HP: 12529 / 9546

Skill: Deal 2268 DMG to 3 enemies (Melee priority)


Sun God (57) : Skill attacks have a moderate chance of inflicting Burn.

0 LB Rating: 9/10

Adramelech has a very strong ATK stat along with a powerful skill to go along with it. Once Sun God is unlocked, his skill becomes even more potent, being able to cause Burn, which deals damage based upon the enemy's max HP.

MLB Rating: 6/10

For a daemon who ranked high for 0LB, attaining MLB Adramelech is quite underwhelming. He obtains no new skill unlocks, which means his damage ends up being fixed without his burn. Whilst still a very powerful daemon, he does not have any pressing issues to MLB.

Team Rating: 4/10

Unfortunately for Adramelech, he faces severe competition in his role as a multi hitting damage dealer. Since his only ability gives his skill a moderate chance of inflicting burn, he doesn't offer much to the team. Without burning any enemies, his damage dealth is quite literally what is says. With daemon like Emperor Sutoku and Himiko outdoing him with team versitality and daemon like Mjolnir and Kinoshita Masamune out damaging him, Adramelech leaves little to be desired.

Final Rating: 6.3/10

If Adramelech is one of your few 5*, he will certainly pull his weight by outdamging the rest of your daemon. However, when compared to his 5* brethern (and even 4*) he does not shine as brightly as his peers. Perhaps one day Otogi will give him a buff, but until then Adramelech will sit low on this ladder.

Emperor Sutoku

Max ATK / HP: 10800 / 7800

MLB ATK / HP: 12887 / 9307

Skill: Deal 1228 DMG to all enemies. A high chance of inflicting Silence.


Heavenly Lineage (45): Slightly increases the damage dealt at the start of each wave.

0 LB Rating: 9/10

Emperor Sutoku has a nice amount of ATK for a Ranged daemon and a skill that hits every enemy on the field. At level 45, he also grows in versatility, increasing the damage dealt as each new wave is spawned, potentially alllowing him to outdamage his fellow 5* who do not have such an ability. His ability to infclit Silence on bosses is also a handful thing to have, although his is more toward Conquest bosses rather than Story bosses.

MLB Rating: 6/10

With no new skill coming in after Level 70, Sutoku's Limit Breaks are merely for the sake of increasing his damage output. Due to the fact that his ability is more to silence the entire enemy team rather than nuke it, it doesn't become phenominally better as he hits Level 90.

Team Rating: 8/10

Emperor Sutoku finds a nice niche with his ability to hit the entire enemy team and inflict them with silence, which stops those pesky support brutes that enjoy tossing shields and heals over their whole team. It also acts as buffer to prevent bosses from unleashing powerful skills. However, another playing point for Sutoku is the fact he gets stronger with every wave, allowing him to wrack up good damage while supporting the team with well placed silences.

Final Rating: 7.7/10

While Sutoku might not do much for people who get him early on, he finds his worth as battles start hitting 4 or 5 rounds, being able to boost his damage with Heavenly Lineage. Although his skill doesn't have the power of other full team attacks, the Silence it carries can be invaluable to stop enemy healers from healing or bosses from nuking your own team. Coupled with his reliable damage, Sutoku is quite the addition, even if there's no significant change from his 0 LB to MLB.


Max ATK / HP: 10550 / 7600

MLB ATK / HP: 12589 / 9070

Skill: Deal 1545 DMG to all enemies. Decreases targets' speed by 77% for a limited time.


Ghoulish Guv'nor (60): Slightly increases the Max HP  of Phantasma team members.

0LB Rating: 10/10

Nurihyon is a fantastic 5* star card. Although her skill does nuke the enemies hard like Kenshin or Joan, the 77% decrease to the entire enemy team's speed is invaluable. The reduction means less attaks, less skill activations, and less of everything that the enemy does. Her Level 60 ability, Ghoulish Guv'nor also assists her teammates if they are Phantasma, making her quite a useful card on a team full of Phantasma daemon.

MLB Rating: 7/10

Unforunately, Nurihyon suffers the same problem as with many of her 5* brethren. Getting her to Level 90 gives her a jump in stats, but no additional offensive prescence. She still rates reasonibly high due to the fact that any upgrade to her skill is already a great boon, but you will find that a 0LB Nurihyon can suit your team just fine.

Team Rating: 9/10

Right not you must be thinking: How is she not a 10/10 for Team Rating. Simple: whilst she has a place for any team thanks to her team wide speed debuff, her ability goes to waste if she is not with any fellow Phantasma members. Unless 3 of those cards in your team slot is filled with Phantasma daemon, her second ability is a very minor additional to the bulk of your team and could potentially be substitued for other daemon if the speed decrease is not paramount for victory.

Final Rating: 8.7/10

Nurihyon is quite a powerful daemon in her own right. Even ignoring her ability, she provides valuable support and damage to the team. Ghoulish Guv'nor is just a nice little icing on the cake should you be fielding teams that primarly use Phantasma daemon.


Max ATK / HP:  11000 / 8000

MLB ATK / HP: 13126 / 9546

Ability: Deal 3120 DMG 2 enemies (ranged priority).


Hallowed Master (45): Sharply increase damage dealt when this daemon is the Team Leader.

0 LB Rating: 10/10

When it comes to being a damage dealer, Beelzebub certainly shows the rest of the 5* how it's done. Sporting one of the highest ATKs in game and a powerful two enemy nuke, Beelzebub certainly does the job of being a damage dealer phenominally well. Her Hallowed Master ability skyrockets her damage even higher, allowing her to simply lay waste to any brutes that dare stand in her path.

MLB Rating: 9/10

Sadly, Beelzebub does not come with any benefits for leveling her past 70. However, due to the primary fact that her job is quite literally just smashing through the enemy line, attaining her highest ATK and skill damage is quite important.

Team Rating: 5/10

For all of her self made glory, Beelzebub offers nothing to the team other than damage. Her skill isn't quite useful once teams are being developed as many Phantasma units will prefer having Titania as their lead. While she certainly can pack a punch, her teammates rather do not care about the damage she deals and her damage drops if she is not in the Leader position.

Final Rating: 8/10

Other than her lackluster performance on a team spectrum, Beelzebub is a very strong card worthy of being MLB'd and set up, especially if you lack any good Leader cards as of yet. Her near unparalleled damage will not disappoint anyone who is looking to just blast their way through the enemy using the MK II Beelzebub Tank.


Max ATK / HP: 10500 / 7800

MLB ATK / HP: 12529 / 9307

Skill: Deal 4229 DMG to the enemy with the most HP. A high chance of inflicting Virulent Poison


Demonic Line (45): Normal attacks have a moderate chance of inflicting Poison.

Faust's Pact (90): Recovers a portion of damage dealt as HP

0 LB Rating: 8/10

Mephistopheles is wildely known for his ability to utterly destroy bosses with his skill. Nuking them for 4229 damage along with inflicting Virulent Poison, making his total single target damage one of the highest attainable. Unforunately for him, many other daemon make their calling with their powerful single target nukes, although Mephistopheles has an easier time hitting the boss due the fact bosses have naturally higher HP, although problems do arise if other enemies have higher HP, but that is a rare scenario.

MLB Rating: 10/10

Mephistopheles takes a glorious standing in the MLB Rating due to two primary factors. First is the fact that he turns his Boss oriented Nuke into an even stronger one, making it very easy to land last hits upon bosses for glorious loot. The second reason is because of his final ability, Faust's Pact. His ability to heal off his damage makes it so that enemies that manage to hit him from multi hitting abilities will be shrugged off as he self sustains himself, alleviating pressure from your healers.

Team Rating: 8/10

Mephistopheles certainly provides for his team, although not in the conviental support way. His ability to inflict poison upon his targets speeds up the killing process and his high damaging nuke clears bosses easily. He also self sustains himself very well, assuming that he isn't mobbed by the entire enemy team. He is easily slid into teams without worry if he won't be able to contribute into the damage or surviability pool.

Final Rating: 8.7/10

Mephistopheles certainly is a powerful 5* to own. His poison makes it so that he easily keeps up with the other damage dealing 5*s. His ability to self sustain is also nice, making sure you will always have a healthy damage dealer in the team that isn't suspectible to the random enemy team skill. A very powerful 5* that can fit onto any team.


Joan of Arc

Max ATK / HP: 10000 / 7500

MLB ATK / HP: 11933 / 8949

Skill: Deal 1872 DMG to all enemies.


Maiden's Prayer (60): Slightly increases damage dealt by Divina team members.

0 LB Rating: 7/10

Joan of Arc stands out as being the first Lvl100 Reward for a Conquest event. As such, she deals fairly decent damage as an event 5*, even if it isn't as much compared to Summon Pool 5*. She does gain a beneficial effect at Level 60, unlocking Maiden's Prayer to buff her own (and her Divina teammate's) damage.

MLB Rating: 7/10

Due to Joan's ease of access through the event, she is easier to MLB compared to her 5* brethern, however even @ MLB, her damage is lackluster due to her Event status nerfing her potential damage.

Team Rating: 9/10

Despite her low damage, she still provides a decent team wide attack. Her main saving grace is her ability Maiden's Prayer. You can place her anywhere on your team and all divina daemon will receieve a nifty little damage buff. Not to mention you can get it without even needing an additional copy.

Final Rating: 7.7/10

Joan's ease of access to MLB and decent ability balance out her low damage output, granting her a nice score on the Rating list. While she will most likely be replaced for better daemon in the future, as of now she is certainly a very formidable Divina damage dealer.


Max ATK / HP: 8200 / 9000

MLB ATK / HP: 9786 / 10739

Skill: Deal 4645 DMG to the current target.


Child of God (60): Moderately increases damage dealt by Divina team members whne this daemon is Team Leader.

0 LB Rating: 9/10

Momotaro is a powerful daemon, which is surprising considering he is given out for Clearing Chapter 8. He has a nice balance of ATK and HP which works well for a Melee Daemon. Furthermore, he has a very pwoerful single target nuke, useful when killing bosses and mini-boss brutes. Once he hits Level 60 and obtains Child of God, his damage is augmented even higher, earning him a very solid ranking.

MLB Rating: 6/10

Unforunately, Momotaro gains nothing noteworthy on the path of MLBing him. Also, due to his story nature, he does not gain as large buffs compared to his peers. Despite this, he still can factor in some damage and work exceptionally well as a leader for a Divina team, but is outshined by other front line daemon in versality, such as Nue, Mikhael, or even Kogitsunemaru.

Team Rating: 9.5/10

Momotaro has an amazing ability that greatly buffs his team with Child of God. Moderately increasing all Divina daemon on your team is no small enhancement. Whilst not found very useful on Phantasma or Anima teams, Momotaro cements himself as a must have for any aspiring divina team (at least until you MLB Himiko and better 5* Divina come out).

Final Rating: 8.2/10

For being able to instantly get a copy of Momotaro once Chapter 8 is done, he certainly fulfills his role as a Divina Team leader well and for a long time to come. Sporting balanced stats, an amazing team-wide buff, and a strong single target Nuke, Momotaro certainly plays his role without any complaints. Whilst not the most powerful 5* while MLB'd, he certainly makes a lasting impact.


Max ATK / HP: 9500 / 8000

MLB ATK / HP: 11307 / 9546

Skill: Reduces all enemies' defense by 1020 for a limited time.


Supreme Sage (36): Slightly increases all allies' critical rate.

Socratic Method (76): Restore HP to 2 allies with the lowest percentage of HP at the start of each wave.

0 LB Rating: 10/10

Whilst he doesn't have the highest stats for 5*, his ability to reduce all enemies' defense by 1k is invaluable, turning every attack your daemon do into a giant nuke. His Level 36 ability, Supreme Sage also synergizes well with any team, giving them that extra crit chance. Socrates also has a reasonable enough attack, more than making it up with his defense buff.

MLB Rating: 9/10

Socrates gains another ability after he gets 2 Limit Breaks, Socratic Method. This ability is quite useful in helping sustain the health of your tanks in arduous fights or even heal your backline if they can get by a stray critical skill. As he levels up, his stats allow him to deal reasonable damage and, more importantly, reduce even more Defense as his Skill levels up.

Team Rating: 10/10

Socrates, without a doubt, is an amazing Support Unit viable on any team. Just his MLB form offers so much in combat. A 1k defense debuff makes even 1* do phenominal damage. Both of his abilities also vastly improve the team, with Supreme Sage helping boost a team's offense whilst Socratic Method helps with the team's surviability. If you ever question what 4th daemon you need to put on a team, Socrates can 100% fill in.

Final Rating: 9.7/10

Socrates is an extremely versatile daemon. Regardless of who he goes against, he will be able to supply a constant stream of support for his team. There is no team that cannot use a Socrates and he makes even the strongest of bosses quiver before their knees with the power that he brings.


Max ATK / HP: 11000 / 7600

MLB ATK / HP: 13126 / 9141

Skill: Deal 1773 DMG to the 3 enemies with the highest ATK. A very high chance of inflicting Silence


Shrine Maiden (30): Moderately increases damage dealt.

Queen of Yamato (90): Moderately increases damage dealt by Divina team members when this daemon is Team Leader

0 LB Rating: 10/10

Himiko is a powerhouse. Sporting an amazing 11k attack stat along with her ability, Shrine Maiden, Himiko will leave behind a battlefield filled with the corpses of brutes. Her ability is also very useful, always being able to hit the boss with a silence and stop whatever pesky ability they have. The apparent low damage is increased into quite a nifty 3 man attack with her self damage buff as well. Himiko certainly sets the bar for any attacking 5* daemon.

MLB Rating: 10/10

Once MLB'd Himiko becomes extremely powerful. Not only will she have 13k attack stat, but she gains her final skill, Queen of Yamato. Setting her as lead will give the same effect as Momotaro's Child of God. However, if you have her MLB'd you most likely are running much more powerful daemon than Momotaro and she can easily take his spot. Her high damage and amazing abilities definetly define her position in the meta.

Team Rating: 9.5/10

Similar to Momotaro, Himiko makes an excellent impact on Divina teams. Her sky high attack along with amazing Divina team buff make her a vital card in any Divina oriented player. Her high attack and Shrine Maiden ability allow her to nuke three enemies hard with her skill and keep up a steady flow of damage. Once MLB'd she can swap out for Momotaro for even stronger teammates.


Max ATK / HP: 7500 / 8800

MLB ATK / HP: 8949 / 10501

Skill: Recovers 2080 HP for 3 allies (melee priority). Targets receive 45% less DMG for a limited time.


Archangel (72): Restores HP to all allies at the start of each wave.

0 LB Rating: 6/10

Mikhael suffers from being a middle ground user for having a healing skill. Whilst her ability gives her plenty of longevity, her role is purely limited to tanking. Unforunately, the current meta has no use for Melee daemon who can only face tank. Her heal is useful for a quite barrier up, but elsewise Mikhael leaves little to be desired.

MLB Rating: 7/10

Due to Mikhael's easy to access MLB, she scores a bit better on the MLB ratings. Futhermore, after one limit break, Mikhael gains access to her ability Archangel which offers a nice amount of recovery to your team if your backline accidently took some hits due to enemy skills.

Team Rating: 8/10

Although battle wise she can only face tank enemy damage, Mikhael provides valuable healing to the team. Due to her fact it was easy to gain another copy of Mikhael, many of them have Archangel, and thus provides valuable team healing every new round. Furthermore, her ability is great for any front line daemon. A 45% damage reduction is quite useful if you need to tank a boss's skill and 2080 HP is a very powerful burst heal, especially if it crits.

Final Rating: 7/10

In the current meta, Mikhael is the most powerful healer. With a meta favoring high burst heals since having slow consistant heals means you cannot do as much damage, Mikhael holds a position in any team for the current time. Although many 4* can do what she can do, her 5* status enables her not only to be a great healer but to have more prescense than her competition.

Uesugi Kenshin

Max ATK / HP: 7800 / 9000

MLB ATK / HP: 9307 / 10739

Skill: Deal 1951 DMG to all enemies


Warm-hearted Warrior (24): Sharply increases damage dealt when Takeda Shingen is on the team

God of War (80): All melee allies take slightly less damage and deal slightly more damage

0 LB Rating: 5/10

Uesugi Kenshin has a niche in which she is a melee daemon, but deals very high damage for a supposed "tank." She deals a nice amount of team damage with her skill and has a decent amount of ATK to dael basics, although it is outranked by various other daemon. Unfortunately, Joan was easier to obtain and has just as much prescence as her. It also doesn't help that Warm-hearted Warrior is currently useless as Shingen Takeda is not released.

MLB Rating: 9/10

With gaining her ability, God of War, Uesugi Kenshin certainly is worth the effort to get all her copies. She gains one of the strongest team wide damaging abilities and God of War helps teams that run a majority of melee teams. It even can be a slight mini buff if she's the only melee damage, increasing her damage and surviability a bit.

Team Rating: 7/10

With God of War, Uesugi Kenshin certainly offers a lot to the table. Unfortunately, for Divina damage and team buffing, she is outclassed by various other daemon for roles, most notably by Joan of Arc. Her God of War ability is very useful to Melee daemon, but elsewise many current daemon can do her job better.

Final Rating: 7/10

Unfortunately for Uesugi, she is outclassed by many daemon. She losses usefulness to daemon like Himiko, Momotaro, and even Mikhael. She losses to damage to daemon like Mjolnir or Beelzebub. Perhaps when her ability partner, Shingen Takeda is released she will find her place in the current meta, but as of now she is just another team damage daemon currently in the pool.


Max ATK / HP: 9000 / 9000

MLB ATK / HP: 10739 / 10739

Skill: Deal 2585 DMG to the 3 enemies with the highest ATK.


Lunar Criminal (38): Skill attacks have a significant chance of greatly decreasing the target's speed.

0 LB Rating: 8/10

Kaguya is the first 5* true healer to be released. She has a nice balanced stat of 9k for her Attack and HP. With her ability, Lunar Criminal and her skill, she works like Nurarihyon, hitting more priority targets instead of a full team smack. Coupled with the fact she can heal, she works as a great support unit when obtained.

MLB Rating: 5/10

Unforunately for Kaguya, her MLB leaves less to be desired. Due to the fact she is a healer, she focuses on healing allies instead of actually dealing damage, even if her ally suffered peanut damage. Due to how the game currently runs, Kaguya ends up just being a walking skill. Her damage input is next to non-existant and with better healers in daemon like Mikhael, Kaguya is quite the waste of an MLB.

Team Rating: 5/10

Kaguya suffers from the problem that, whilst she has a fantastic team prescense, she is outclassed by virutally every 5* support daemon. In terms of helping out damage, daemon like Himiko, Spider's Silk, and Socrates. In terms of healing, the current meta favors healers like Mikhael or Thumbelina. In terms of skill damage, she's outclassed by Emperor Sutoku, Mjolnir, and Uesugi Kenshin

Final Rating: 6/10

The current battle mechanics make healer daemon very undesireable. It's more preferable to squeeze in as much damage as possible in a short time or using large burst heals to mitigate the damage. Slow steady battles are not wanted. Kaguya has a powerful skill, especially with her ability Lunar Criminal, but other than that she's pretty much dead weight to the team.



Max ATK / HP: