1. What does the 3 different icons that located at right bottom of the daemon?

Ans :

sword = melee

arrow = ranged

plant = healer

2. What are the 3 types of daemons in this game

Ans :

怪 = Phantasma

靈 = Divina

付 = Anima

3. Will Otogi released an account linking system?

Ans : Yes, now players can link their account to fb and email

4. If we couldn't find the daemon in summon pool, does this mean that we couldn't acquire that card through summoning?

Ans : Yes, if you couldn't find that card in the summon pool, that means you couldn't get it through summoning. BUT! after you defeated the story BOSS, the card of that BOSS will be adding into the summon pool, so you can summon the copy of the card to limit break your daemon

5. Does Otogi has limit break system?

Ans : Yes, they have

6. What is the max level for a guild? what is the max number of member in a guild?

Ans : For now, the max level is Lv.50 with 50 members in a guild

Source : Otogi team