~ Some tips for you ~

1. How could I earn 米糕 (rice cakes)?

Ans :

a) There will be a lunchtime free summon everyday, so you can use the cards that you got to exchange for rice cakes.

- A three star card ~> 1 rice cake

- A four star card ~> 5 rice cakes

- A five star card ~> 25 rice cakes

b) You can mlb (fully limit break) all of the one star and two star cards, it helps you earn at least 25 rice cakes

Notes : it is not repeatable (you can only mlb the card once)

2. Limit Break

a) When your card is MLB (fully limit break), the second layer behind the icon of daemon's type (靈 / 怪 / 付) will ALL change colour, and the stat's colour will bcm red in colour 

example : 
Konohanasakuya mlb

example of mlb daemon

b) IF you ACCIDENTALLY fused a card that had limit break for 1 / 2 / 3 times into a non-limit break copy, no worries! the limit break still counted hehe

BUT! Fyi, accidents cost a lot, as you can see, the "accident" at the example below cost 416 crystals, so good luck ;)

Example :
Lb fusion example

lb fusion example

c) How can you do limit break? 

Ans : just fuse the same card together and it will limit break 


[Anima > Divina > Phantasma > Anima]

If there is a type advantage, team will gain 10% based on its leader and 2% more is added for each of the same type, friend assist is also counted.

For example,

- if opponent is phantasma, bonus will be 1.1 times higher

- if opponent is divina, then 1 time higher

- if opponent is anima, then 0.09

Note :

if you are using a pure team, plus type adv , can +18% (pure team as in only one type in a team, such as all divina / all phantasma / all anima ONLY) *cough* it works the other way round (disadvantage) too *cough* *cough*

For now, 18% should be the max percentages for team advantage / disadvantage