Hi there!

I'm writing there the types of skills and abilities what daemons own in Otogi: Spirit Agents including damage sorted by types and targets, crowd control, healing/buffing, etc. The list is incomplete but you can help to complete it!

How? Leave a comment below this blog post with the missing type of a skill or an ability. Don't forget to include 1-2 daemons for example who own this kind of skill or ability! You will be mentioned there, too!

So, let's begin!

Damage sorted by targets:

-          Single target damage (Ibaraki Doji, Okita Soji)

-          Multiple target damage:

o   Targeted melee priority (Chimera, Hariti)

o   Targeted ranged priority (Muramasa, Titania)

o   Targeted all member (Joan of Arc, Emperor Sutoku)

o   Area (circular around the character) (Kintaro, Yatagarasu)

o   Area (row) (Kogitsunemaru)

o   Area (affects all enemies) (Shishiou)

Damage type:

-          Normal

-          Poison (deals %HP damage over time)

o   Weak Poison (Lily Amarilis)

o   Virulent Poison (Poison S. Brew)

-          Burn (deals %HP damage)

-          Critical Strike (randomly triggers, its chance and damage can be increased)

Crowd Control:

-          Stun (disables enemy for a while) (Okita Soji, Kintaro)

-          Silence (can’t use skills) (Emperor Sutoku)

-          Speed decrease (probably slows attack speed)

-          Freeze (slows enemies) (Yuki Onna)

-          Sleep (disables enemy until damaged) (Spider’s Thread)


-          Heal (Healers basically healing when someone has low HP) (Isis, Tennyo Ayame)

-          Damage reduction on allies (Mikhael, Tennyo Ayame)

-          Defense reduction on enemies (Spider’s Thread)

-          Damage increase on allies (White Hare of Inaba, Aka (Red) Chochin)

-          Defense increase (Princess Tatsuta)

-          Critical Strike Chance increase (Komodo Dragon)

-          Critical Strike Damage increase (Poison S. Brew)

Last change: 2016. August 1.